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Flows of the Indus is an expression of the riches of India's beverages - its spirits, teas and coffees. A meeting point of the finest India has to offer in a charming, cosy, conversation-friendly environment.  It is a melodic celebration to the spirit of contemporary India.

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Get to Know Indian Whiskies & Gins

India has always had a rich heritage of teas and coffees, whilst its relationship with spirits has been a rather reserved one. However, in the last few years there has been a quiet revolution taking place. With experimentations and acceptance of newer varieties and flavours, the taste profile of spirits has transformed in India.  A culture of single malts, craft gins and rums, wines, agave, interesting beers and more are taking centerstage.

The Economic Times.
The world is acquiring a taste for Indian Single Malt Whisky.

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Image by Devin Berko

Flows of the Indus is a small and cosy culture-driven bar tucked away in a mall basement that explores the spirits of India.

Flows of the Indus was a surprising find. As in, you’ll be amazed if you happen to chance across it. This is a nondescript hole-in-the-wall bar tucked in the basement of Adelphi, a shopping mall with little pedestrian traffic that’s pretty much only known as a haven for audiophiles.


But small as it may be, the tiny independent culture-driven bar offers a transportive getaway that brings you to some part of India. Not that I’ve ever been invited to one, but with its decor I can totally imagine Flows of the Indus taking inspiration from the personal man cave of some Rajasthani prince in his royal fort in the desert wastes.

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